Fly Fusion is a dance format for group improvisation, created in Mankato, Minnesota by Violet Kind. Dancers learn a series of short choreographies and a specific method for cueing them in a live group performance.

The style features a heavy emphasis on musicality and community. This style is influenced by various forms of fusion belly dance but also includes creative influences from Violet's early experiences with drama club, MTV music videos, and astrology.

There are four phases to the format: Foundation, Metamorphosis, Expansion, and Pillars. With each phase comes new combinations and more complex layers. The style can be learned online or in person with certified teachers around the world.

In 2005, Violet began her journey with fusion belly dance with Anna Kimm in Mankato, Minnesota. Learning to isolate and eventually layer the movements was the perfect challenge. It was the early days of YouTube, and her teacher recommended searching for Rachel Brice which influenced a new level of commitment to dance.

Violet’s experience in dance has been directly formed by several U.S. fusion belly dance styles which have been predominantly influenced by MENAHT (Middle East, North Africa, Hellenic, Turkish) cultures.

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