Teachers are listed alphabetically below. These hardworking dancers have successfully completed certification in various phases of our teacher training program.


Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Expansion Certified, July 2021
Metamorphosis Certified, December 2020
Foundation Certified, July 2019

"Community and belonging are the two most important things in my Fly Fusion classes! Those, along with laughing and liiittle bit of seriousness are what make my classes feel like home!"
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Wichita, Kansas, United States
Phase 2 Certified, Aug 2023
Phase 1 Certified, Apr 2022
"I love the fun and uniqueness of Fly Fusion, and am excited to explore it further.  Let's get creative with our look and music too!  Yes, Kansas can Fly!"
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Minneapolis, MN, United States
Expansion Certified, October 2022
Metamorphosis Certified, April 2021
Foundation Certified, December 2019

”I want my students to feel empowered to try new things, gain new strengths, and feel confident in their creative selves! I have experience teaching people of many different backgrounds, which translates to a safe and supportive classroom where my students can focus on themselves.”
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Battle Lake, MN, United States
Expansion Certified, July 2021
Metamorphosis Certified, July 2021
Foundation Certified, September 2019
”My mission is to empower dancers and to have fun while doing it! I want everyone to have fun in class and really enjoy the learning process; but on a deeper level I want students to leave class feeling empowered, strong, and proud of themselves for stepping outside of their comfort zone and taking on a new challenge.”
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Hillsborough/Chapel Hill, NC, United States
Foundation Certified, September 2021
"My intention for class is to provide a fun & safe place for my students to express themselves through dance movement. This can be for exercise, showing up  for oneself, or to dance out the demons of daily life. I will be there to support them."
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Birmingham, AL, United States
Metamorphosis Certified, December 2022
Foundation Certified, July 2021
“It is my goal to foster community through dance and creativity, developing strong technique in my students without losing the fun of group improv.”
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Mankato, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, February 2020
”My mission in teaching dance is to convey the joy of moving the body as well as being open to trying new challenges of movement. My particular focus is to women ages 40 and older as many of them get into the mindset that they are too old, too stiff or too whatever to try something new!!!”
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Mankato, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, March 2020
”Hi, I’m Blair! My approach to Fly Fusion in the classroom setting is more of an I’m great at reviewing what you already know-type teacher and applying it in a new way. I encourage fun and love to witness when a student has that ‘aha!’ moment.”
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Brighton, GB, United Kingdom
Foundation Certified, September 2021
”I love collaboration, I'm a linguist and I'm always inspired by Violet's weird combinations, so Fly Fusion is a no-brainer for me! I'm looking forward to bringing some of the steps and concepts into my regular dance classes!"
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Rehoboth, MA, United States
Foundation Certified, November 2021
Fly Fusion is an incredible group dance format that is both fun and challenging . As a teacher my goal is to make Fly Fusion Dance accessible and fun for students of all ages and shapes, in a class that is body positive and strives to build a strong sense of community among the dancers. I look forward to Flying with you soon !!!"
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Des Moines, IA, United States
Foundation Certified, June 2019
”Fly Fusion is a complex, intricate form of belly dance that is challenging, great fun and makes me feel great! Teaching is about sharing my love of the dance, creating a place for learning, acceptance and support, with an emphasis on feeling great and having fun!”
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Des Moines, IA, United States
Foundation Certified, August 2019
"My main objective is for everyone to feel accepted and safe from judgment of any kind. Having a child with special needs has made me hyper-sensitive to people who may feel left out. I want people to have a good time and be able to refresh their spirits while doing exercise that is good for their bodies! I have always felt so comfortable learning and doing this dance and enjoy continuing to spread this to others with the hope that they fall in love with it as I have."
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Mankato, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, March 2020
”My mission in teaching Fly is to help others feel the music and get comfortable in their own skin in a calm, judgement-free setting. I love bringing out my goofy side in class and I encourage my students to do the same!”
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Minneapolis, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, February 2020
”I love Fly Fusion because it embraces and celebrates people of all kinds. As a teacher, I am so excited to extend this supportive, positive community to others, while also dancing to some sweet, funky improv!”
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Memphis, TN, United States
Expansion Certified, July 2021
Metamorphosis Certified, November 2020
Foundation Certified, October 2019

”Fly Fusion sparked a fresh curiosity in my own dance practice. I want to pass on this feeling to others. My students and I will learn and grow together, while celebrating successes along the way. I want them to feel safe to explore movement, and create with their bodies. We as adults have to learn to play again. Expression through dance/movement is one way of doing that.”
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Glenwood City, Menomonie, Hudson, WI, United States
Metamorphosis Certified, June 2023
Foundation Certified, May 2022
"As a deaf dancer, I use multiple approaches to teaching dance. Being inclusive to anyone who enjoys dancing and wanting to learn a new style is important to me. I want everyone to have fun and not worry about facing an audience (unless they want to!) while creating a unique community of like-minded individuals."
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Kansas City, MO, United States
Foundation Certified, October 2021
Erin was a late in life convert to belly dance and hasn’t looked back since. She believes a good dance class involves a lot of humor, opportunities to feel great in your body, and maybe a little bit of cheese among friends. Her dance philosophy is that movement belongs to “every age, every stage”!
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
Foundation Certified, July 2021
”Hibiscus Dance helps create community and connections through creative teaching and the love of always learning, in a body positive environment.”
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Raleigh, NC, United States
Metamorphosis Certified, March 2023
Foundation Certified, May 2021
”Fly Fusion is right for everyone, whether you are looking for a boost to your creativity or just a pathway to an exciting group-improvisational form of bellydance. It provides fun-filled challenges with groovy and flowy movements. I strive to provide an inclusive, safe-space for learning, with a lively and interactive setting. Do you love bollywood music, geek-themed acts, anatomy terms, or are brand new to bellydance? Everyone is welcome to join me in exploring these worlds with Fly Fusion!”
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Louisville, KY, United States
Expansion Certified, March 2023
Metamorphosis Certified, January 2021
Foundation Certified, June 2019

”I love Fly Fusion because it's fun and has an amazing community built around it. I am thrilled to not only be a part of it, but to share it with others!”
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Utrecht, Netherlands
Foundation Certified, June 2022
I love Fly Fusion because it creates such a cool way of creating together in the dance space. I will always work with a positive approach, and yes, you can dance, and lead, too! The best fun we have drilling and joking around, and you'll get a nice workout in the process!
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Rochester, NY, United States
Phase 3, March 2023
Phase 2, May 2021
Phase 1, August 2019

"I'm really excited to foster a community of dancers who have fun and support each other while learning this incredibly awesome belly dance format! It's also really important for me to provide a safe space where people can learn and grow, both as dancers and as humans who appreciate and love their bodies and all the wonderful ways in which they can move!"
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Ombrée d'Anjou, France
Phase 3 Certified, February 2024
Phase 2 Certified, March 2022
Phase 1 Certified, June 2021
“The word you'll hear the most about Fly Fusion is fun! I am happy to be able to introduce this dance to France and I want everyone to feel welcome. It is a big challenge for me to teach and I hope to take with me all the people who want it in this adventure!”
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Brighton, GB, United Kingdom
Foundation Certified, July 2021
”Fly Fusion has reignited my love of group improv dance and I am super excited to be able to bring it to the UK! I am all about helping people achieve their goals and my teaching philosophy is based around creating safe and encouraging learning environments.”

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West Chicago, IL, United States
Foundation Certified, July 2021
”Katrina Super, AKA SuperKat, is absolutely fearless when it comes to dance, and loves to bring her energy and humor to every class and performance. Whether she’s pushing the boundaries with music or prop work, blending Fly Fusion with the Electric Slide, or telling off-color jokes in class, nobody is safe! She can be tracked down planning the Annual Fly Fusion International Flash Mob or in her troupe, Maelstrom Dance Company.”
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Chippewa Falls & Eau Claire, WI, United States
Expansion Certified, November 2021
Metamorphosis Certified, November 2020
Foundation Certified, July 2019

”I enjoy teaching and dancing Fly Fusion to encourage individuals to practice body positivity through self-expression. The Fly community is supportive and encourages everyone to embrace their quirks (a.k.a. superpowers). Besides, any dance style that encourages cheekiness is totally my jam!”
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Mankato, MN, United States
Phase 1 Certified, Aug 2023

”With a 30+ year history of dance training in various forms, movement has proven to be my medicine. My teaching style leads with form and safety. Within those bounds I encourage exploration, learning, growth and fun in my classes. My goal is for students to leave class feeling energized and connected in their mind-body.”
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Phase 2 Certified, Sep 2023
Phase 1 Certified, Jan 2022
Fly Fusion is an improvisational group dance format that is high energy, creative, fun, and fosters teamwork. As a teacher, my mission is to facilitate a radically inclusive community of Folx who come together for the joy of dance and movement.
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Cary, NC, United States
Metamorphosis Certified, November 2020
Foundation Certified, January 2020

”I believe people come to dance in search of fun exercise and community and my Fly Fusion classes provides both in abundance. I am a high energy, lighthearted, and nurturing teacher and my teaching style fits perfectly with the quirky and creative Fly Fusion group improv format.”
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Thousand Oaks, CA, United States
Phase 2 Certified, Sep 2023
Phase 1 Certified, Jul 2022
”My dance background started in a local Polynesian studio.  I moved up the ranks, and began performing at  events all over So. California. I found Fly Fusion after studying various styles of Bellydance, looking for that same group feeling.  Fly’s fun combos and wonderful sense of community led me to become a certified teacher!  Join me, let’s FLY!!!
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Brainerd Lakes Area, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, July 2019
”I am honored to be teaching Fly Fusion, and to share it with my students. I fell in love with this style and its community right away when it first started. Fly has helped me grow in so many ways (confidence, communication, courage, coordination), I can't wait to see my students flourish too!”
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Halle (Saale), Germany
Foundation Certified, September 2021
”I‘m so happy to introduce Fly Fusion to Germany and create a community here with lots of fun and this awesome belly dance format.”
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Foundation Certified, October 2021
”Fly Fusion is a group improv dance format that includes fun, challenging and sassy combos. Teaching for me is a way to share my love for dance while empowering others to move their bodies in a safe, non-judgmental space for all."
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Rochester, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, September 2019
”My mission is to create a safe, non-judgmental space for all to explore their dance journey regardless of experience, size, ability, etc. Every person’s body is beautiful and I want to help them see this in themselves. I’m so excited to be able share the fun and joy that Fly Fusion has given me to others.”
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Bakersfield, CA, United States
Foundation Certified, August 2021
"Fly Fusion breathed new life into my dance practice during the pandemic. This style of dance is so fun, dynamic, empowering, and beautiful, plus the FF community is just that - SO FLY! I would love the opportunity to dance with you and help craft your next amazing dance adventure!"
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Mankato, MN, United States
Expansion Certified, May 2022
Metamorphosis Certified, July 2021
Foundation Certified, August 2019
”Fly Fusion is an intricate improvisational dance language which has inspired a strong community of dancers dedicated to respect of each other as well as ourselves. My mission is to teach youth, K to 5th, how to learn how to dance meaning basic movements with an emphasis on safety, musicality and basics for learning or creating choreography. As Fly Fusion did for me I plan to teach respect for themselves, the music, and for others around them in a fun and supportive environment.”
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Ames, IA, United States
Phase 2 Certified, Oct 2023
"I am thrilled to be a part of this weird and wacky Fly Fusion community of practitioners and teachers. I love sharing this fun, funky, challenging format with friends and fellow dancers, students, and sister teachers. I dance because it helps me find beauty and joy, and I teach because everyone deserves a sacred space in which to do the same."
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Foundation Certified, June 2022
”Fly Fusion is a distinctive versatile style of bellydance. As a teacher, I want to provide the motivation and inspiration to anyone that wants to learn and in particular be a role model to those who live with chronic pain everyday. Movement is medicine and bellydance is for every body. Come Fly with me!”
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Delhi, NY, United States
Expansion Certified, July 2021
Metamorphosis Certified, June 2021
Foundation Certified, March 2020
Fly Fusion is an exciting form of fusion belly dance, which has sparked new life into the way I personally approach dance. It is an honor to be able to share this dance with others and the joy and self confidence that comes with it. Offering a safe and inclusive environment for everyone who comes to class to learn is important to me. Dance is an individual journey for each of us while also building community and Fly Fusion is the perfect fit!
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Warrens, WI, United States
Foundation Certified, January 2022
A humor-filled, relateable, encouraging, body-positive, and person-positive environment awaits. The body gets moving and the brain starts growing. Looking to groove, laugh, and dream/achieve? Don’t stall on “what if”...come on in! You will be surprised with your new found wings.
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Rochester, MN, United States
Foundation Certified, February 2020
”Terri brings her 17 years of studying multiple forms of belly dance to her experience embodying the movements of Fly Fusion. She loves the innovative and interesting movements and can’t wait to share them with her students.”
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The Hague, The Netherlands
Foundation Certified, November 2021
"Fly Fusion and Fusion Bellydance are not just dance forms, they cultivate a mindset of empowerment. And there is nothing more empowering than coming together, creating a synergy and connecting with each other through dance. I strive to be a space holder for my students to feel safe to explore, to discover new aspects of themselves and most importantly to just have lots of fun."
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Long Island, NY, United States
Foundation Certified, October 2021
I am excited to share the connection and camaraderie I have found within the Fly Fusion community with my students and dance partners! I aim to create a supportive environment where dancers feel empowered to explore, learn, and grow within the format. I love to improvise as a soloist, so I am thrilled to be able to dive into group improv with Fly Fusion!
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