An introduction to fundamental Fly concepts, vocabulary, anatomy, and philosophy. Part cerebral, part movement, part connection.



Learn our second tier of vocabulary, expand on concepts, and go deeper. Larger emphasis on performance and group work.



Complete the known Pyramid vocabulary and get even nerdier about anatomy. As our combinations become more complex, the dance expands.



Add a whole new dimension to your Fly. Pillars are challenging and beautiful, complex and exciting. The final layer.

get certified as a practitioner or teacher online!


  • Total shenanigans
  • Professional audio and video
  • Lots of teacher interaction and encouragement
  • Group activities, games, and conversations to keep you engaged

why online trainings rule:

Save lots of money on travel expenses

While we love travel, taking time off from work, buying plane tickets, and booking a place to stay adds up!

More time to process the information

Rather than multiple intense days in a row, our online training takes place over a few weekends!

Get to know Flyers from around the globe

Get to know dancers from different time zones as they work alongside you toward Fly certification!

Sessions are recorded so you can watch them after

Scheduling issues? Want to go back and review material from earlier? Watch our sessions on your own time!

“It feels so real. There is no screen, no cameras, almost in-person. The information beautifully packaged. Violet is an adorable fountain of wisdom and knowledge. Everything is presented in-depth and in a non-intimidating way. It has been exciting and enjoyable! Supportive, loving, and over 5 zil rating.”
Sophia Panter

Online Attendee

“The online training has been perfect for me. Being a new mom, I love that I can attend the training from home. Overall, my experience has been great. With Violet’s numerous social games, and interactive sessions, I feel like I had the opportunity to connect with my fellow dancers. She has the tech really figured out, such that it feels like I am taking an in-person class with her. The training is spread out over few weekends, which also gives me time to practice and figure out my needs/questions etc. I am so grateful to Violet and her team for creating this option, without which, I didn’t know if I would be able to travel and attend training in-person in the near future."
Harleen Kaur Sandhu

Online Attendee

“The training is clear, comprehensive, engaging, and most of all FUN! I love this deep dive into all aspects of Fly Fusion and this is exactly what I need to start teaching. I can’t wait to start making more Flyers in my local community!”
Kat Super

Online Attendee

“Violet delivers seamless virtual classes and training. Her approach is engaging, encouraging and inclusive. I’m really enjoying the training and notice I’m easily learning the concepts presented.”
Mike Yoon

Online Attendee