(Local students may be able to attend in-person, please contact us!)

Over the course of this seven day online training, you will double your known vocabulary, deepen your understanding of Fly Fusion concepts, and take your teaching to the next level! Flyers who are P3 certified in 2024 will be eligible to take our first-ever edition of the Phase 4 Pillars training (happening in person)!

"I had learned the Expansion moves previously, but had never had the opportunity to have them truly dissected and broken down in real time. This experience was invaluable as it makes the learning process less intimidating. As a teacher, it also helped me learn HOW to make the learning process less intimidating. These moves are BIG! Learning them is a challenge. This experience in training helped to normalize that challenge and break the process down into bitesize elements." -Krista Spaeth, Phase 3 Certified

Join live sessions or watch later

The beauty of online trainings is you can watch them as they happen or on your own schedule! The training will be available for you to access in the future which makes a great tool as you progress in your dance training.


We highly suggest familiarizing yourself with Expansion vocabulary prior to the beginning of the training. While this is not required, it will give you the ability to focus on the nuance and details when we do them in the training.


  • Finishing the Bodyrock Family: Boy Band, Libra, Motorcycle Queen
  • Finishing the Bodywave Family: Cancer, Hourglass, Pisces, Scorpio, Serpent, Taurus
  • Finishing the Shimmy Family: Bring It!, Gemini
  • Finishing the Silk Maya Family: Aquarius
  • Finishing the Twister Family: Aries, Bananigans, Four Corners, Leo, and NEW: Sagittarius
  • Anatomy For Dancers Phase III
  • Advanced dance teaching and business skills
  • Recordings of each live session to watch again anytime
  • A private online community for discussions and shenanigans
  • A physical copy of the Expansion manual
  • And more!


Join us live or watch the sessions on your own time!
Saturday, November 4th from 10a-12p & 1-3p CDT
Sunday, November 5th from 10a-12p* & 1-3p CST
Friday, November 10th from 6p-8p** CST
Saturday, November 11th from 10a-12p & 1-3p CST
Sunday, November 12th from 10a-12p* & 1-3p CST
Saturday, November 18th from 10a-12p & 1-3p CST
Sunday, November 19th from 10a-12p & 1-3p CST

*Teacher-specific training
Testing for certification will occur during the last 2 hour session of the training. Testing is $75 for Practitioners or $125 for Practitioner/Teachers. If you will be missing the live session, you can test at a later date for an additional fee.
**The timing of our one Friday session may not work for all timezones or schedules so please know it's okay to watch this session at a later time!