A take-at-your-own pace online training

This new online four-day intensive will introduce you to Fly Fusion Pillars, which are a unique method for enhancing the depth of your Fly Fusion performances. Pillars Prep is for anyone with a solid understanding of Fly Fusion's fundamentals who would like to prepare to use Pillars on a regular basis, or eventually take our in-depth Pillar Certification Training.

Who can take Pillars Prep?

Pillars Prep is for anyone with a solid understanding of Fly Fusion's fundamentals. Since our Pillar vocabulary is totally unique to the rest of Fly, this is a great tool for teachers, students, and troupe mates to dive in together and start using Pillars as a regular part of practices and performances. You do not need to be Phase 3 Certified to take Pillars Prep, but you will need to be Phase 3 certified to take the Phase 4 training.

Wait, that was improv?!?!

In this training, we'll introduce you to what Fly Fusion Pillars are, how they work, several Pillar movements, and Pillar performance inspiration. At the completion of the training, you'll have all the tools and skills to start implementing Pillars into regular performances! If you're planning on taking our Pillars Certification Training, you'll be able to go in with confidence and have a lot more fun!

Learn at your own pace

The beauty of online trainings is you can watch on your own schedule! The training will be available for you to access at any time which makes it a great tool as you progress in your dance training.

Pillars Prep includes

  • 15 hours of classes so you can dive deep
  • A thorough introduction to what Pillars are and how they work
  • Detailed breakdowns of multiple Pillar combinations and stall movements
  • How to implement Pillars into your performances and creative ways to use them
  • Ideas for implementing Pillars into your practice and classroom
  • A private online community for discussions and shenanigans
  • And more!